Day 14 Returning to Los Angeles

Hi Friends & Family

Thanks so much for following us on our journey to Machida Japan!

Today the team returned from their 14 day mission's trip. It was a long trip, but lots of good work was done :)

The team said their last goodbyes to Evergreen Chapel. What an experience and so many memories! Thank you so much :)

See you soon!
In Him, Machida Japan Team 2017

Day 13 American Christmas Party - Evergreen Chapel

Hi Friends & Family

Today we attended Sunday morning worship service at Evergreen Chapel.

Every kid is so darn cute in Japan!
Stan & Diane Date sent a video message about their granddaughter -Hannah Kaprelian's miracle birth for the congregation to hear. So moving and such a great testament to God's grace!

 Uchimura Sensei's daughters - Megu & Hanna performed a special Christmas song during service. 
 The team hosted appetizers for the congregation before enjoying a potluck lunch with everyone. 

 Jean's mother's best friend - Yoriko travelled 2.5 hours to come to the service to see Jean :)
Michael & Donny prepared chili for the potluck - a big hit with everyone. 
 Evergreen Chapel sure knows how to eat! :)
 Ohara san!
Eiko san!

Following the food and fellowship, the team played games with everyone and handed out prizes :)
Such a great time with all!
For dinner, Evergreen Chapel hosted a special thank you / goodbye dinner for the team. Everyone from …

Day 12 Team Bonding

Hi Family & Friends

Today the team had the day to just spend together and bond. We went to downtown Machida for some shopping and to soak in some culture ;)

Downtown Machida!

 We stopped for stamina ramen & pork bowls for lunch!
Taiyaki - fish shaped sweet desserts
Yakitori - oishii
Fresh roasted coffee - 4th generation owned
 Lots of small mom & pop shops all down this small street. Lots of great finds :)
We had a great day! Tomorrow is the American Christmas Party following Sunday worship at Evergreen Chapel!
In Him,  Machida Japan Team 2017

Day 11 Wakakusa Pre School, J.O.Y Club Mothers Food Demo, J.O.Y Club Advanced English Class

Hi Friends & Family

Today the team had a packed schedule! We started our day off by visiting a local pre school that Joy teaches English & Bible time at - Wakakusa.

We sang songs with the kids :)

The team taught the children three new English Christmas words: Bell, Reindeer, Christmas tree. 

Jean read them a Christmas Bible story in Japanese!

We watched the children practicing their music. They played the melodian - impressive :)

The kids ran around their playground with each other, so fun on a cold day.